Salads and side dishes


How to Make Natto, Japanese Superfood

I’ve been thinking about making natto for years, but the implementation kept getting put on the back burner. This could be because there was never a shortage of fermentation projects around my house.  After my mom was diagnosed with renal artery stenosis (weighing a whooping 120 pounds on a heavy […]

Lemon Pudding {self-saucing}

Reminiscent of souffle, lemon pudding is a combination of melt-in-your-mouth spongy cake with a layer of cream. I have all the ingredients on hand any given day, and can quickly whip it together with no special prep. The layers separate on their own, with the cream collecting at the bottom. […]

Russian Lacto Fermented Mushrooms

Mushroom is one of the most mysterious nature’s creations.  It is a fungus that reproduces through release of spores. But it is classified as a plant even though it doesn’t engage in photosynthesis. It can nourish or it can kill… or it can inspire to write ‘Alice in Wonderland’.. For […]

Russian Brined Plums {My Favorite Ferment To-Date}

While I’m waiting for farmers market apples to cost less than a baby panda, I decided to try a recipe for Russian brined plums that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while. The turning point was getting hold of a whole bunch of plums that were […]

Spicy Lacto Fermented Eggplants

Spicy lacto fermented eggplants, full of intense flavor, nutrients and probiotics, make a perfect side dish to go along with savory meals.

How to Cook Fluffy Buckwheat {Recipe + Video}

Have you ever tried cooking buckwheat only to find out it turns into a pot of mush? Every roasted variety I ever got that’s not imported from Europe is that – unappetizing mess that I have no interest in eating. No wonder buckwheat is not nearly as popular as some […]

Russian Brined Apples

Full of flavor, probiotics and nutrients, Russian brined apples are a traditional ferment that goes back countless generations.

Roasted Beets and Parsnips

The other day I tossed a bunch of peeled and chopped root veggies in a big roasting dish without any rhyme or reason, only sprinkled with ghee and salt; and I loved the combination of red beets and parsnips so much that I had to make them again today separately. […]

Russian Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes originated as a peasant food in Russia ages ago. There are references to them in literature that dates back 500-600 years ago. Throughout history, potatoes were cheaper than flour, and easier to store, and have always been a true staple. There are a lot of variations of potato […]

Chicken Liver Pate

There are two types of people that eat and appreciate liver, those who grew up in a culture where it was considered a normal, not an ‘ewww, weird’ kind of food, and those who are trying really hard to love it because of its amazing health benefits and its status […]

Russian Vinegret or Probiotic Vegetable Salad

Russian folks are pretty creative in the way of coming up with interesting dishes from the same old boring ingredients. Sauerkraut, pickles, beets, potatoes, carrots – what else can you do with them, right? Well, combine them in a way where these staples get a new delightful taste and lovely […]