Roasted Beet Panna Cotta

Roasted beet panna cotta is a lush pudding-like dessert with an absolutely stunning color. Dare I say it has potential to convert beet haters into men of uncertainty (‘hmm.. what else have I been missing..”)? I have a soft spot for this Roasted Beet Panna Cotta. It reminds me of […]

Probiotic Chocolate Pudding {with sweet potato and dates}

In my quest for kid friendly recipes that incorporate ‘makes mom happy’ ingredients, I stumbled on this fun recipe of chocolate pudding with sweet potatoes. Just by looking at it, I could tell it had potential but I was very pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It was creamy and smooth […]

orange gummy bears

Homemade Orange Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are such cute little treats, I always feel like I should be playing with them rather then eating. My kids really enjoy them as well but even my favorite natural brand is overly sweet and has some ingredients that make me wonder why they are there. Since I […]

Lemon Pudding {self-saucing}

Reminiscent of souffle, lemon pudding is a combination of melt-in-your-mouth spongy cake with a layer of cream. I have all the ingredients on hand any given day, and can quickly whip it together with no special prep. The layers separate on their own, with the cream collecting at the bottom. […]

einkorn vanilla cookies

Einkorn Vanilla Cookies with Naturally Colored Icing

Vanilla cookies with strawberry icing, pretty dresses and heart shaped lights are the things I never thought I would be into… until I had kids. And now the amount of excitement they get from a handful of sparkly valentine stickers makes me reevaluate my  feelings about the Hallmark holidays. Vanilla […]

kefir panna cotta

Kefir Panna Cotta

Kefir panna cotta is a variation of traditional panna cotta made with probiotic kefir and grass-fed gelatin. Serve with fresh fruit for a healthy dessert!

Homemade Strawberry Kefir

Creamy and silky homemade strawberry kefir, the richest source of probiotics, tastes just like store-bought but without any unnecessary ingredients.

Probiotic Mousse Cake

With my habit to ferment everything, I’m in possession of at least three types of fermented milk products on any given day. I never let myself run out of farmers cheese, yogurt and kefir, and of course there is homemade cream cheese, sour cream, butter or ryazhenka. I created the […]