Drinks and beverages

Lemon Pudding {self-saucing}

Reminiscent of souffle, lemon pudding is a combination of melt-in-your-mouth spongy cake with a layer of cream. I have all the ingredients on hand any given day, and can quickly whip it together with no special prep. The layers separate on their own, with the cream collecting at the bottom. […]

Homemade Strawberry Kefir

Creamy and silky homemade strawberry kefir, the richest source of probiotics, tastes just like store-bought but without any unnecessary ingredients.

green smoothie

Green Smoothie {that doesn’t hurt my taste buds}

Every now and then, I go through crisis of craving something green and fresh. Perhaps to retaliate for missing nutrients, my body punishes my taste buds via forced consumption of some green goop, aka juices or smoothies. To minimize the traumatic effect of ‘green’ on my soul, I am resigned […]

Russian Fermented Oat Kvass

What is Russian Fermented Oat Kvass Fermented Oat Kvass is a traditional Russian beverage. It is a fermentation product of oat grains and water. The word kvass come from kvasit, which means to sour or ferment. There is really no need for me to use the word ‘fermented’ since the […]

Probiotic Turmeric Mango Smoothie

Vibrant, nutritious and delicious Probiotic Turmeric Mango Smoothie to boost immunity, replace a meal and simply enjoy its wonderful taste.

Turmeric Golden Milk

WHAT IS TURMERIC GOLDEN MILK Turmeric golden milk is a traditional medicinal Ayurveric beverage. Also known as Haldi Ka Doodh, it is a warm tea of coconut milk and turmeric root (fresh or powdered). Spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon are perfect companions, landing both flavor and nutritional benefits. Folks […]

Cranberry Kvass

There is a very popular drink in the north of Russia, called cranberry mors (klyukvenni mors), which is made by slightly cooking cranberries with water and sugar to get a tart and delightful concoction. As a kid, I used to love drinking it during a session of banya (Russian wet […]

Russian Apple Kvass

Kvass has been the staple Russian drink for at least a thousand years that we know of, with the first written mentioning of it in the year 986 in the Chronicle of Nestor (full text here). The word ‘kvass’ comes from ‘kvasit’, which means ‘to sour’ or ‘to ferment’. Simply […]

Why Beer is a Superfood

A lot of women think they are doing themselves a favor by drinking red wine, with all the positive marketing it has received in the recent years. But in reality, at least according to this study, that involved 38,077 participants and lasted 12 years, “no single type of beverage conferred […]

Kolsch Recipe

Kölsch is the local specialty beer brewed in Cologne (Köln), Germany. It is warm fermented and then lagered, resulting in a clean, crisp and delicately balanced beer with subtle fruit flavors and aromas. Kölsch is traditionally served in a tall, narrow glass called a “Stange.”         O.G 1.048   […]