From the Mill

Crispy Waffles {perfect with whole grain flour}

Saturday mornings are made for crispy waffles! Does anything in the world feel better than your kid going ‘mmm.. mom, this is the best’? Making memories, one meal at a time.. I always look for recipes that go well with 100% whole grain flour, which can be challenging to make […]

Lemon Pudding {self-saucing}

Reminiscent of souffle, lemon pudding is a combination of melt-in-your-mouth spongy cake with a layer of cream. I have all the ingredients on hand any given day, and can quickly whip it together with no special prep. The layers separate on their own, with the cream collecting at the bottom. […]

einkorn vanilla cookies

Einkorn Vanilla Cookies with Naturally Colored Icing

Vanilla cookies with strawberry icing, pretty dresses and heart shaped lights are the things I never thought I would be into… until I had kids. And now the amount of excitement they get from a handful of sparkly valentine stickers makes me reevaluate my  feelings about the Hallmark holidays. Vanilla […]

Spelt Hamburger Buns {or make them with Einkorn}

I have tried numerous bun/roll recipes before I found my absolute favorite — spelt hamburger buns. Oftentimes, homemade buns bear only a vague resemblance to pillow-soft and picture perfect commercial stuff. But these guys are truly something special — soft, fluffy, light and beautiful. They are perfect for burgers and […]

Russian Cookie Rings ~ Pesochnie Kolechki

These Russian cookie rings were a fundamental part of my childhood, and were sold at every cafeteria and bread shop through my kid and school years in the old country. It’s fun to think back how much I loved to pick off the nuts, then nibble on a cookie while […]

Whole Grain Einkorn Waffles

Breakfast or dinner, these whole grain einkorn waffles make a regular appearance at my house. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve made them! Full of protein from farmers cheese, eggs and milk, and wholesome goodness from einkorn, I could eat them every other day.. Today I served […]

Einkorn Pitas {with Sourdough or Dry Yeast}

If you ever wondered if it’s possible to make pitas from einkorn – it definitely is! Even though einkorn is more fragile than regular wheat because of its weaker gluten and higher protein, it makes delicious pitas that can be used for stuffing. I keep my pitas relatively small – […]

Whole Grain Rye Spelt Sourdough {with Raisins and Walnuts}

Have you ever tried whole grain bread? The kind that’s made from grains not processed in any other way rather than milling? I’d venture to guess – probably not. When it comes to whole grain bread, most folks think of a nice soft loaf studded with pretty specs of bran. […]